1. How soon should I book my wedding photographer?

Your wedding photographer should be booked as soon as you have confirrmed the date with your church or wedding venue. Many wedding photographers get booked up well over a year in advance. Although you may be lucky with a last minute booking, if there is a particular photographer you want - book early to avoid disappointment.


2. will you travel to our wedding?

I offer wedding photography in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and Dorset. If you wish me to photograph a wedding further afield this may incure extra travelling costs.

Please get in touch if you wish to book me to photograph a wedding outside of these areas. I am always happy to have a chat about exactly what it is you need.


3. Why do I need a wedding photographer for the whole day?

We love to spending time with our brides and grooms. Photographing bridal prep in the morning helps us get to know you, your bridesmaids and important members of your family before the big event itself. You will get used to us being around and we will get a feel of all the personalities in the room.

Having us there is the morning, often helps you feel more relaxed in front of the camera as the day goes on. Having us join in with the chaos of the morning, helps you get used to having us around. By the time it gets to the ceremony and the bridal portraits, you will hardly notice we are there.

Its fun!! Bridal prep is one of my favourite parts of the day. The room is filled with excited ladies and the anticipation in the air is palpable, (not to mention the hairspray and perfume..) It's the perfect time for us to photograph all the little details, such as flowers and shoes, as well as capturing forever, how you felt on the morning of your wedding day.

On a personal note, the photographs I have of me, my sister and my bridesmaids getting ready on the morning of my wedding, are some of my favourite shots of the whole day.


4. Why do I need 2 photographers?

It is becoming increasingly popular for people to require two wedding photogaphers. The main reason for this is down to the increased demand for the candid style photographs of the couple and their guests. 

Following the ceremony, while one photographer is concentrating on the group photographs and the bride and groom portraits, the other photographer can be taking discreet and natural photographs of your friends and family mingling and enjoying the day. Likewise, during the all important speeches, one photographer will capture the top table and the person speaking, while the other can photograph the reactions of your guests; often capturing moments that you won't even have seen happening.

Many years ago, all that was expected from a wedding was the church photographs, formal group photographs and some nice bride and groom portraits. As times have moved on, people want to see pictures of their guests enjoying themselves too.

There are also many restrictions placed on photographers during the ceremony, especially in a church. The photographer will often be restricted in their movements, only able to photograph the ceremony from the front, usually to one side. A second photographer will be free to photograph the ceremony from the back of the church, and quite possibly move up and down the side aisles to gain a different perspective. Those lovely photographs you see, looking down the aisle and showing the details of the back of the dress? These are more than likely taken by the second photographer at the back of the church.

It really is the best way to make sure that not a moment of your day is missed.


5. Why do I need to provide you with a meal?

If we are with you for the entire day, we will usually leave our homes at around 8am, and not return for the next 14 hours. We will bring our snacks and drinks for the day, but we are often travelling between venues and it is not practical for us to bring any form of substantial meal with us.

Another point to note, is that most wedding venues will not cater for anyone other than the wedding party. The kitchen will be extremely busy, catering for maybe upwards of 100 people and will therefore not be open for any non wedding orders.

Photographing weddings is physically hard work. We are on our feet the entire day, making sure nothing is missed. Not to mention all the gear we carry around with us!

All we ask is that you speak with the venue and arrange for us to be supplied with a hot meal, usually at the same time you and your guests will be sitting down to eat. 


6. When will We receive Our photographs?

The edited images will be sent out approximately 8 weeks after the wedding. Each image is individually hand edited, ensuring that you only get the very best quality wedding photographs. This time may vary slightly in particularly busy periods.

With your permission, I will usually post a handful of images on my facebook page within a week of the big day. You are more than welcome to share the link to these photographs with family and friends.


7. I'm sure I saw you taking a photograph of Uncle Bob eating the cake, but I don't seem to have been given it?

Not all photographs make the final edit. Once the wedding is over, I will go through the images and pick only the best ones to edit and upload to your USB or album.

There will inevitably be some duplicate images, unflattering lighting or images people with their eyes closed. These images will be removed from the final selection.


8. When will we receive our album?

Once you have chosen the images you wish to be included, I will individually design each album.

This will be sent to you for approval, before being passed over to the album manufactuers. The time limit from here will be dependant on them. This does not usually take more than 2-3 weeks.


Your album will either be delivered by hand, or sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery.