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Do I Need a Wedding Album?

Most people put hours and hours, (and hours), into planning their wedding day, and why not?! After all, you will only do this once!

Think of the time spent poring over wedding magazines, googling wedding cake designs and trying on dresses. Not to mention the weeks you lose into the world of Pinterest!

Then time moves on.

I’d like you to picture the scene… It’s coming up to your five year anniversary, a couple of little people have joined the family, you’ve moved house and some of your beloved guests you haven’t seen since they travelled back overseas after your wedding day. Your parents are coming for dinner and you thought it would be fun to have a look through your wedding photos.

But where are they?! Who had them last? You are SURE you put the prettily boxed USB back into the cupboard of random stuff. YOU ARE SURE! But it’s not there. Perhaps it got lost in the move?

Oh No!! What if I accidentally threw it away when I last cleaned out the chest of drawers? What if it went to the charity shop?


An album would be right there, on the shelf. Ready to take down and have a browse through whenever you wanted.

A beautiful wedding album will preserve those memories for future generations, long after your laptop has broken down, or your USB has become too outdated to view.

Print your photos. Preserve your memories.


I offer a small range of top quality wedding albums; working with a UK based company, producing beautifully handcrafted books and albums to treasure for a lifetime. If you wish to view a sample of my most popular albums, (as pictured), please get in touch.


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leather-bound-wedding-album-hampshire / Amy-james-photography / hampshire-wedding-photographer-hampshire / fleet-photographer-farnborough

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