Hampshire Newborn Photographer

Hello, and welcome to the Newborn Photography section of Amy James Photography


As the Mother of two young children, I know how quickly they grow and how easily your mind forgets the tiny details that you think you will remember for a lifetime.


I also know how incredibly overwhelming the first few weeks with a newborn baby can be, and how sometimes you can barely make it out of your pyjamas by lunch time, let alone think about leaving the house by a certain time. This is why I offer my 'at home' newborn photography service.


By taking advantage of my at home service, you can have beautiful photographs to treasure for years to come, all taken within the comfort of your own home. You won't need to pack a changing bag, you won't need to struggle with coats and car seats and you won't have to be anywhere by a certain time. All you will need to do is open the front door. 


Whether you choose a styled newborn photography session, or the slightly more contempory newbon lifestyle session, I will bring everything I need. This will include all my camera and lighting equipment, backdrops, cosy blankets, little hats and hairbands and very often a packet of biscuits for the grown ups. Having the session in familiar surroundings will often be less stressful for you as parents, therefore creating a nice calm atmosphere for your baby to photographed in.


Please click on this link for more information about how my newborn photography sessions are run.