What's in a name..?

Amy James Photography is having a rebrand!


What is going on here?!

Well, that is a very good question! And one I am about to answer for you…

When I set up my photography business, I had several different thoughts on what the business name should be - I wanted it to reflect me as a person, but it also needed to be something people would remember.

I toyed with a few different options;

  • Beach House photography, as I love the beach, (but although I grew up by the coast, I now live in Farnborough, so perhaps not)

  • Photography by Sarah.. perhaps, but there are A LOT of Sarahs in the world and more than a few are photographers, so not very unique, (ahem, I prefer the term popular, rather than common, if you don’t mind!)

  • Or something else entirely! A word, a phrase - who knows!

    So all in all, a decision not to be taken lightly!

Anyway, after many chats with friends over coffee and cake, I decided to name my new business after my two lovely children, Amy and James. So Amy James Photography was born!


However.. as time has passed, I have come to realise that using a name other than my own, is not all that great for business. People view my website, LOVE the photos and LOVE my relaxed approach to photographing their wedding day, so right away they drop ‘Amy’ an email, and enquire about booking.

The next step is generally receiving a reply… from Sarah.

Not everyone reads the ‘About me’ page before sending an initial enquiry, so immediately people are wondering who I am.

Is Amy the boss? (She likes to think so), Who takes the photos? How do they know who they’ll be booking on the day? How many photographers are there! Although easily explained, it does put some people off taking their enquiry any further.

Also, referrals from wedding guests and other suppliers are SO important in the wedding photography industry. But again, everyone I meet during the day, knows me as Sarah. So when it comes to recommendations, they don’t necessarily remember the business name.


So, although it’s taken around a year to make my final decision, I will be losing the kids names from my photography business!!

(Shhh, don’t tell them!)

I will now be known simply as Sarah Fishlock Photography.

Same photographer, same relaxed wedding vibe, same awesome photos, just a different name.


If you are getting married this year or next, please get in touch to enquire about your date asap.

Alternatively, feel to refer my details to your newly engaged friends and family! I would be forever grateful!


Have a great day and keep any eye out for the new name popping up in your Facebook and Instagram Feeds and take a moment to leave a lovely comment, or just to say Hi!